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Aronios Villa Et Casa Chania

We are located in Aroni, Akrotiri, Chania. In a luxurious villa and a deluxe residence, both providing comfort for beautiful year-round vacations, whether it's winter or summer.

Aronios is 9 km away from the city of Chania and 69.7 km from the city of Rethymno.

Recognizing the challenges of daily life (long working hours, social obligations), we have designed a home that will distance you from stress and difficulties, offering moments of carefree relaxation. It will make you feel comfortable, serene, and allow you to enjoy a wonderful environment.

The accommodations are designed to provide relaxation with numerous amenities that will make your holidays restful, enjoyable, and therefore unforgettable. Their location is in a quiet and friendly neighborhood in Aroni, Akrotiri. At the same time, they are very close to all the main destinations in the city of Chania.

Villa Aronios features three bedrooms, all with air conditioning, equipped with a TV and kitchen. It includes a private pool with a mountain view. Next to the pool, there is a barbecue area for you to cook whatever you desire. Private parking is provided to keep your car in a secure place. Casa Aronios has three bedrooms, all with air conditioning, equipped with a TV and kitchen right next to the Villa, also with private parking space.

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